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Dec 7, 2012 8:00am PST
was taking a nap. a nap? i'm a customer of your hot noodle. oh, it's very cold. it's warm tonight. that's true. by the way, how is business? not so good. is it. pretty good. a little different from last night. that's okay. it happens bad time wills follow good times in business. if something bad is going to happen to you soon. wait. i made mistakes. any way you will get the business. don't worry. don't worry. what's the name of your shop? bingo. don go. i'm going to see after this maybe i should not go. so, i have to tell you the noodle should be ready. not yet. you are slow. the water was not boiling. i have a short temple when the noodle man is slow - oh, is it ready. that's okay. my temper is not that short. chopsticks. chopsticks usually they provide all the chopsticks and no one is good. who knows if they're clean or not. your chopsticks are not. these are wet. what? you just wash it down. fine. fine. this one have green onion on them. that's okay. that's okay. i can wipe it off. now a bowl is usually bowl in other shops are cracked and cheap as these. how do i drink the soup
Dec 13, 2012 6:30pm PST
level of ambient noise and these kids have two nap times within their schedules. so i think some of the fears might be slightly exaggerated. >> the speaker pointed out it runs with the land and it's not specific to this particular owner, but now narrowly constructed is this cu? is it specifically and solely for increasing the number of preschool children that would be on this site? >> it would be for 20 children. and they wouldn't be able to do anymore than 20 children without come back for an additional use. there is a condition for a community liaison person. so even if it transferred person it could need a contact person. >> so this particular owner happened to exit the business, for example and someone wanted to come back in to run a preschool, they would be limited to 20 children? >> yes. >> they would have a community liaison? they would have all the conditions that still apply? >> yes. >> thank you. and it wouldn't be for any other use other than that? >> correct. >> could you call the question, please. >> yes commissioners, a motion and second to approve with conditions. (roll c
Dec 28, 2012 1:30am PST
night happily dreaming about napping. [laughter] and slightly shorter than that called, quartery. >> the bug that crawled across the key board didn't leave word. the next story is a second chance. after their myth was written, echo was permitted to mayor nar sisz who spurned herrode to be shunned by his own cold reflection. she tried not to fret that vanity diminished him. what would have been the thrill and mystery thrilled her nippled body leaving a mockary of a voice. she carried him back to her cavern, still, there lives together was wanting and not only because in their condition they had trouble conceiving children. they became astranged though she longed to give him everything and he was eager to take it all. each sought the other through a different mirror. >> called : what happened happened. and finally. [laughter] a story called terminals. in the last moment of his life, time slowed and slowed to a halt. no longer pressed as he has been in youth he strolled the youth on foot and thought over every thought. love and war and stars he grabbed the meaning of it all as a whole. he y
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)